August 7, 2015

Nayan Ghosh and Yogesh Samsi live in Houston, July 30, 2001

Here is a live recording (straight from the mixing desk) from one of the most revered sitarists of the past few decades: Nayan Ghosh. Originally a talented and sought after tabla player, he eventually changed his primary instrument to sitar. This is an intriguing combination of skills and can result in some exquisite performances. He comes from a very talented musical family (his uncle was the pioneering flautist Pannalal Ghosh, and that's just one of several outstanding musicians in the family).

On tabla is Yogesh Samsi, a disciple of the legendary Alla Rakha.

01 Raga Sohini (2 compositions)             13:00
02 Baul Song                                         9:15

Nayan ji is slated to be on tour in the USA during the next month or so, with appearances in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago at the World Music Festival, Milwaukee, and (I believe) in NYC. There are currently some issues with his visa application, but hopefully these will be sorted out and no shows will be missed.

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