May 21, 2018

Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain: live in Stockholm, Sweden on 1980-11-15

This second live recording of Ali Akbar Khan's fall 1980 tour is from an FM broadcast of the concert which took place on 1980-11-15. The venue was not specified in the digital transfer I received.

Ali Akbar Khan: sarod
Zakir Hussain: tabla
Mary Johnson: tanpura

Total Time: 46 minutes, 9 seconds

This was certainly not the entire concert and may or may not have been the entire broadcast. It is not clear whether the date I have is of the concert or the broadcast, or both. Once again an audio cassette was transferred and shared by Jack Warner. Thank you, Jack!

Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain: live in San Diego, California on 1980-10-17

This is one of two live recordings of Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain recorded in the fall of 1980 which I will be uploading in the next few days. 

This one is from venue at SDSU in San Diego, California. The next upload will be from a concert in Stockholm, Sweden on 1980-11-15. 


Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA
October 17, 1980

Ali Akbar Khan: sarod
Zakir Hussain: tabla
Mary Johnson: tanpura

Total time: 76 minutes, 32 seconds

This tape was transferred (from an analog cassette recorded at the mixing desk) by legendary audio collector Jack Warner, who graciously shared his transfer. Thank you, Jack!

May 19, 2018

Bhajan Saupuri: Santoor Recital [CBS BS001] a cassette recorded and released in India in 1984

Bhajan Saupuri (or Sopori, or Sopuri -- depending on your source) is a santoor performer born in 1948. Not a lot of his recordings are currently available. This one is from a series produced by Swarashree Records and released (reissued?) in India by CBS. The Swarashree recordings document many lesser known but musically interesting performers. Some labels are only interested in recording musicians they consider to be the absolute highest tier artist for each instrument and that is how we wind up with many dozens of LPs, cassettes and CDs by a small and dwindling group of artists. Swarashree recorded both very well-known musicians and other, equally interesting musicians. Despite uneven quality control in recording and manufacturing, it's often worth searching out their releases.

side one: 
Raga Jog: Alap, Jod, Jhalla followed by a composition in teentaal

side two:
Compositions in Ragas Jhinjhoti and Misra Kafi
Kashmiri Dhun

Bhajan Sopori: Santoor
Mahadeo Indorekar: Tabla

Equipment used in this transfer:
Cassette Deck: Teac W890R (azimuth was carefully adjusted for each side)
Preamp: Parasound PHP 850
Recorder: Sony PCM-M10 at 24/96 resolution
Software: Audacity and xAct

May 14, 2018

Newly uploaded posts

Today I supplied new download links for three albums originally uploaded in the first couple of months of 2015 and which had lasted as viable links for a fair amount of time — 

Nikhil Banerjee live in Stockholm performing Raga Desh as well as 

Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha (ASD 2341) and 

Debu Chaudhuri’s “Sitar Maestro” LP originally released on ABK Records in the early 1970s. 

Except for the album by Nikhil ji, all the new links are fresh transfers which sound better than the previous postings. 

It should be pointed out that the reason these links expired has nothing to do with me. The cold fact is that each of these LPs went more than 30 days without being downloaded even once by the readers of this blog (or anyone else) and the Zippyshare website automatically deletes such "inactive files." However, there were quite a few people who originally did download the transfers in the year or so that they were still easily available (about 700-900 each).

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. By the way, it is extremely informative to do a small amount of research into the origins of Mothers Day and who the first celebrants were and the original message  they wanted the holiday to express. You might be surprised at the answer.

Thanks as always.